Is Christ the focus of your Christianity?

Being a Christian means having a relationship with God through the Lord Jesus Christ.  Oftentimes, we can get side tracked and pursue Christianity with little regard for the Person of Christ.  Things like legalism, mysticism, and asceticism (Col 2) can take our focus off the Lord Jesus. 

There are also practical issues that can take our focus off of Christ.  Busy-ness is a common problem that people face.  If the Christian isn’t careful, he may be so busy with other pursuits that his relationship with Christ suffers.

Laziness is a problem as well.  Developing our relationship with Christ does not happen magically – we must take the time to pray, study the Bible, attend the worship of God and regularly enjoy fellowship with Christ’s people.

Sinfulness is another killer of communion with Christ.  We must love and want Christ more than sin.